Wire & Cables may be they made of fiber, Optics, PVC, XLPE, Iron, non-ferrous metals (copper, Zinc, aluminum) or stainless steel, Play a decisive role in almost all areas of industrial and daily life.

Importance as a Industry in the world market :

In the year 2010 the global wire business was approx. 54 Million tones, and in dollar terms it was US$ 25 billion. This market is expected to grow to around 110 million tones of wires & cables by 2020 and in dollar terms it would be approx US$ 45 billion. This industry is grown at about 10 to 15% during last two years. The demand for wire & cables is expected in leaps and brands in the years to come, with the booming GLOBAL ECONOMY.

In India, if we closely look and study deeply towards the demand of cables & wires almost 88% is for wires in plain carbon steel grades, 05% would be in stainless steel and remaining would be in alloy steel wires.

Now, with infrastructure receiving priority attention from the Government of India construction Power, Indian railway and Telecom sectors fast developing. Thus this will undoubtedly give a boost to the WIRE and CABLE industries in the near FUTURE.